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Landscapes are surely my favorite subject to make photos of. On one side the landscape is patient, so you can take your time finding the perfect spot – it’s like meditation to walk through all the beauty this world offers and trying to capture it in just the perfect way.

On the other side it’s also quite amazing how different it can be – depending on the season, the location and the weather there are so many shapes and colors – I tried to show this in the gallery –
have a look!


HDR _051

My second gallery is about HDR - High Dynamic Range Photography. Simply said by generating a set of 3-9 photos with different exposures and combining them on the computer, you get a picture with a very wide dynamic range - so all details are visible, no matter how dark or bright they are, while by the traditional photography some details might be hidden in a black or white background.

While HDR was still something special a few years ago, today even the iPhone supports it. Still, HDR is not HDR. An automatic HDR function might widen the dynamic range, but there are infinite ways to do that. Only when you manually decide how the end-product should look like, HDR gets art.

There are fundamentally two ways how to use HDR:
One way is to only uncover what was hidden before, but to leave the picture look natural, so that you don’t see immediately that it is HDR.
The other option is to use HDR to create surreal, painting like pictures.

I personally use both ways, but prefer the second option, as it really is some kind of art and the end result something different than a usual photo.

I’m interested about your opinion - which way do you like better, and do you use HDR?

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Barcelona_ 097

I chose architecture as the first gallery to publish because it is one of my core interests in photography. There are two things I focus on: Details and lines.

Most people look at a building as a whole. But it's amazing how many details it offers, when you look closer. I try to draw the attention of the viewer to these details, be it colors, shapes or patterns.

The second focus are the lines. It was probably one of the key messages of my photography teacher that we should always look out for lines. And you will most likely at no other object find more lines, as on man made structures. Look out at my photographs for the lines and how they lead your eye and influence the picture.

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